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10 million educators, students & researchers at 1,000+ institutions use JoVE for their education & research. Here is why:
  • Library of 17,000+ high-quality videos of laboratory methods & science concepts in 16 subject areas
  • Videos for learners at all levels, from first-year to graduate students, lab technicians, researchers, and beyond
  • Enable quick in-depth comprehension of complex science concepts
  • Step-by-step visual explanations of science techniques & concepts
  • Quiz banks for every JoVE Education video to help assess learning
  • Seamless integration with online learning platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and LMSs (Learning Management Systems)

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About JoVE

JoVE is the world-leading producer and provider of science videos with the mission to improve scientific research and education. Millions of scientists, educators and students at thousands of universities, colleges, hospitals, and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide use JoVE for their research, teaching and learning.


Filmed at the world’s top scientific institutions, JoVE videos bring to life the intricate details of cutting-edge experiments enabling efficient learning and replication of new research methods and technologies. Producing 1,000s new videos every year, JoVE is a must-have resource for scientists in academia and industry.


JoVE educational videos empower effective teaching of science concepts and laboratory methods in undergraduate and graduate courses at universities and colleges. These videos enable quick in-depth comprehension of complex STEM subjects to increase student engagement and learning outcomes, and support innovative teaching initiatives such as blended learning and flipped classroom.